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Using fancy words instead of plain English:

soiree – Who needs a fancy French word when everyone understands party.
charcuterie – Let’s chow down on some crackers, meat, and cheese instead of using a word no one knows how to pronounce.
plethora – This word sounds like a big lisp. A lot is much easier to say.
au pair – This one makes no sense. Sounds like you are getting two for one. Instead you are getting a teacher in exchange for room and board.
faux pas – Another French word. Just say you screwed up for wearing white after Labor Day.
conundrum – This word is stuffy. Houston we have a problem.
fiasco – Kind of sounds like a fiesta. Cluster *uck is a better word.
kibosh – You might see this one in a comic book. Put an end to it.
quid pro quo – This isn’t Silence of the Lambs. Tell me a secret and I will tell you one of mine.
wheelhouse – Who lives in a wheel? Just say comfort zone.

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KC Avalon’s Blog 3/5/20

I love to watch Married at First Sight. I always believed in love at first sight, but I wonder do arranged marriages work? I did some research:

1 India, Pakistan, China, and Japan still do arrange marriages
2 Our divorce rate in the US is 45-50%. The arranged marriage divorce rate is low around 6%.
3 Arranged does not mean forced. Both parties and the parents must agree.
4 Traits, values, and beliefs are taken into consideration when arranging marriages to ensure compatibility. Similar backgrounds mean that your heritage will be shared and carried on.
5 In traditional marriages. We tend to follow our hearts which statistics don’t support.
6 Romantic love can cloud our judgment and make us pick people that are not right for us.
7 Arranged marriage couples are more likely to look at marriage practically instead of letting passion lead them.
8 In either marriage, success depends on the work that is put in. Arranged marriage couples start out knowing that it will be a lot of work. Traditional marriage sometimes starts out physically with intense passion. When real life kicks in, couples can be surprised that they have to work to keep a successful marriage.
9 Connection and chemistry are great but in the end, compatibility is going to make your marriage last. Sometimes the chemistry masks the compatibility but eventually, you can’t deny the inevitable.
10 In arranged marriages, there are clear intentions and fewer surprises. Families are very careful in choosing an appropriate partner. Sometimes when we choose on our own, we should not be trusted to pick someone that is compatible, appealing, and wants the same things out of a marriage that we do.

I still have some doubts but am more open to arranged marriages. I cannot knock something that works. In my case, it was love at first sight and I have been married for almost 29 years. It is a lot of work and worth it.

KC Avalon’s Daily Blog 3/1/20

I saw some interesting names of businesses and thought I would share them:
1 Fish Bones Restaurant – I don’t like bones in my fish, so I definitely don’t want them for dinner.
2 JT Scraps Salad Factory – It sounds like they collected all of the uneaten leftover salad from customers’ plates and then resell it. Nasty
3 At the Beach Waffles and Subs – I love waffles but it just doesn’t seem like these two things go together.
4 Cactus Cafe – I feel like you wouldn’t be able to move around or bend over at this establishment without getting pricked by a cactus. Cactuses 🌵 don’t belong in restaurants.
5 Second Wind Construction – These guys sound like they need to nap on the job in order to get their second wind. Not too promising.
6 Creative Compliments Salon – This one is entertaining. So no matter how awful you look after your new hair style, they will come up with the most creative compliments. “You are truly unforgettable,” or “You are one of a kind.”
7 Imaginations Hair Stylists – Scary. Your stylist is going to come up with the craziest hair style she can imagine, and you are the lucky person to get it.
8 Dr. Semaan, Urologist – Gross 😂
9 Body Shop Fitness – You can work out or you can just shop for a new body and skip the workout.
10 Tropic Fever Tanning – Sounds like the tanning beds are a little too hot for my liking.

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KC Avalon’s Daily Blog 3/2/20

What did they see that was so funny?
1 She just scolded her husband in public for leaving the toilet seat up AGAIN!!!
2 He thought he was so cool cat calling to us. Bet he didn’t expect the traffic light to turn red!
3 The lady who turned her nose up at us just tripped and her dress flew up. Guess who isn’t wearing underwear?
4 OMG he just walked into the glass. The window washers did too good of a job.
5 The guys from the bakery almost made it to the door of the restaurant. Now the most beautiful wedding cake is all over the sidewalk.
6 A guy wearing leggings just walked by. I think I just went blind.
7 Check out this kid. He is at the drive thru window on his bike.
8 How sweet. She is trying on a ring and when she goes to show him, he gets down on one knee.
9 Oh no, the seagull just stole her double cheeseburger. She just walked out of the store and unwrapped it. Now she is running after it.
10 That poor dog owner. The siberian husky must be mad at her. He wrapped her leg around the leash and took off!

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KC Avalon’s Daily Blog 3/3/20

Things that are hard to do while skating on the ice:
1 Sneeze without falling. When I sneeze, it feels like it comes from my toes.
2 Make a fist fight look anything but ridiculous. Hockey players look ridiculous, so imagine how a recreational skater would look. You can’t keep your balance, and you throw a punch and end up face down on the ice.
3 Socializing with other skaters to get to know them a little better. It’s hard enough to skate let alone move from person to person. Too much work.
4 Wearing something sexy and revealing, because you have to bundle up. You would freeze without a coat and everyone would be able to tell by the obvious high beams.
5 Turning up the heat to keep warm. All of a sudden the ice would turn into a puddle of water.
6 Eating a snack without stopping because you are trying to maximize your time.
7 Power stop to impress your date. I can’t even stop unless there is a wall to stop me.
8 Answering a text. I need both hands to keep my balance and to use as brakes.
9 Making out. Oh boy. Closing your eyes while skating. Not the best idea.
10 Reversing direction and skating against traffic. You are taking your life in your hands and making people lose their focus.

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KC Avalon’s Daily Blog 3/4/20

Superstitions are beliefs not based on knowledge or reason. Here are some common superstitions and the origins:
1 Walking under a ladder – When leaning against a wall it forms a triangle like a pyramid. Triangles were sacred so walking through one was a no no.
2 Breaking a mirror is 7 years bad luck – Looking at a reflection in a mirror was a way to predict the future in ancient Greek times. Looking at a distorted reflection was bad.
3 A black cat crossing your path – King Charles the first felt that his luck was gone after he lost his beloved black cat. He was charged the next day with treason. In the middle ages, cats were seen as demons.
4 The number 13- Judas sat at the 13th spot at the Last Supper. He later betrayed Jesus.
5 Carrying the bride over the threshold- Brides were carried in Western Europe because it was bad luck if she starts off her marriage by tripping over the threshold of her new home.
6 Opening an umbrella inside – originated in Britain because the metal spokes and large circumference could cause injury indoors.
7 Lady bugs are good luck – There was an insect problem in Europe, and they were eating the crops. Farmers prayed and the Virgin Mary sent lady bugs that ate the insects.
8 Knocking on wood – Making a hopeful statement tested fate. Trees were believed to house good spirits, so you knocked on wood for protection.
9 Ides of March (March 15) – The day debts were settled in Rome, and the day Julius Caesar was assassinated.
10 Bad luck comes in threes – It is unknown as to the origin, but psychologists believe that people like to know their bad luck will come to an end and three is a number that usually equates to balance (the holy trinity, a triangle, and a common pattern in our lives).

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