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Public restrooms:
1 Your stomach hurts and you have to do a number 2. You try and hold it until everyone leaves but it can’t wait. Take cover.
2 You see feet underneath a couple stalls down but no noise. It is night time and you’re afraid a murderer is in the bathroom.
3 You already started to tinkle and then notice there is no toilet paper. Now you have to wait until someone comes in next to your stall or drip dry.
4 You are going to the bathroom and a little kids head pops in under your stall. Uh hello, where is your mommy and why is she letting you crawl on the floor?
5 You aren’t done going to the bathroom yet and the toilet flushes. It is so powerful that you look like you just took a shower.
6 Someone is talking on the phone in their stall. Really! Can you be quiet?
7 Someone is just about taking a bath in the sink. Don’t stare. Just walk away.
8 Your door won’t lock and it’s the only one left. You keep playing ping pong with it until you are done and are exhausted.
9 You think the stall is empty and the door is stuck so you pull it open. Surprise! Someone is sitting on the toilet. They look ridiculous and angry. Run!
10 The person next to you keeps trying to have a conversation. You just want them to go away. Creepy!

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KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

When your picnic doesn’t turn out quite the way you planned:
1 An army of 🐜 ants decides to join the party.
2 Bees 🐝 start chasing and keep you running instead of eating.
3 A seagull waits until you set up your picnic and calls his friends to tell them lunch is ready. They swoop in and leave you with crumbs.
4 You packed lunch for four but some kid you never met before decides to become a part of your family.
5 You set up under a pavilion. The ranger politely waits until you are ready to eat then tells you the area is reserved. Very funny.
6 You decide to sit in the grass to get closer to nature. The next day you have poison ivy.
7 It’s much windier than you thought. Lunch turns into chase after your food, plates, napkins and cups.
8 You put ice in the cooler instead of ice packs. Everyone’s sandwich is soggy.
9 You have delicious food and snacks but no napkins.
10 You have to go to the bathroom but there’s no bathroom in sight.

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KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

1 Your eyes get so red it looks like you smoked the wacky tobacky, or they are so puffy it looks like you didn’t sleep in weeks.
2 You sneeze so many times that people are tired of blessing you and seem angry 😤 as if you are doing it on purpose.
3 Your nose is running off of your face. You are about to shove tissues up your nose until it stops.
4 You broke out into hives and look like you have a catchy disease. No one wants to come near you.
5 You have asthma and your coughing fit turns into an asthma attack. People ask if you are alright while impatiently waiting for you to answer. You can’t speak so you start gesturing wildly like a game of charades.
6 You ate something that you are allergic to and your face blows up like a pufferfish. Epi-pen anyone?
7 Your nose is so stuffed and you have a sinus headache. Every time you sneeze you feel great for 3 seconds until your head fills up again.
8 Your eyes keep watering, and people think you are crying. They are treating you so nice that you don’t feel like telling them it’s allergies.
9 You can’t find the right allergy meds. One makes you zonk out at work. The other makes you speed like you drank a pot of espresso.
10 You can’t hear because your ears won’t pop and when you bend over to pick something up, you are immediately dizzy and have to hold onto something.

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KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

How to drive your kids crazy:
1 Wait until they sit down and get nice and comfy then ask for something to eat or drink.
2 Take their car out and use all of their gas so they have to fill up their car next time they drive it.
3 Since they never write down when they use the last of something, hide all the batteries so that they are out of luck when their controller turns off. Too bad.
4 Talk non stop when they are watching their favorite show.
5 Leave your stuff all over the family room floor and see how they like it.
6 Tell someone what your kid said about them or rat on them to dad.
7 Jump up and down on their bed when they are sleeping.
8 Bust in on them when they are in the bathroom.
9 Ignore them when they call your name and make them repeat themselves a few times.
10 If you have a boy, saran wrap the toilet so that it gets everywhere when they pee. It’s not like they can hit the target anyway.

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You know it’s time to throw stuff out when:
1 You have clothes for every occasion: painting, gardening, time of the month, lounging around, in case you lose weight
2 You have manuals for things you don’t own anymore.
3 You have college books from 20 years ago just in case you need to look something up.
4 You have leftover cans of paint for every time you ever painted. Maybe you can have a craft night.
5 You have menus for every establishment in the state. You need to have options.
6 You have a drawer of unmatched socks just in case the other one decides to show up.
7 You have a whole box of cords and no idea where they belong.
8 Books you read and don’t want to get rid of even though you will never read them again.
9 Gowns from every wedding you have been in including your own. Unless you are opening up a dress shop move on.
10 Your drug cabinets. You have things so old it will kill you instead of making you better.

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Ways to get rid of stress:

1 Walk home from work. Hopefully, you live closeby.
2 Buy a puppy and act like you don’t know where it came from when your husband asks.
3 Quit your job and just pretend to go to work in the morning.
4 Every time something upsets you, say “Cheers” and take a shot. After a while nothing will bother you.
5 Throw something at the person stressing you out. They may not feel better but you will.
6 Slap someone and tell them it was a mosquito.
7 If you are stressed eat desserts. Stressed spelled backwards is desserts.
8 Put your work away and color.
9 Take an afternoon nap. Your boss will not know what to say.
10 Forget about yoga. Get an ice cream.

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