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Imagine meeting a man who you thought only existed in your dreams. He is remarkable in every way and you share an intense longing for one another. You are guaranteed a lifetime of happiness, or so you think until you find out there is competition. He is being drafted by the NBA. Can you handle loving a man whose fame threatens your happiness? Will he give in to temptation or you? Find out now in this book that you will not be able to put down until you get to the last page. The story Is set in Sea Isle City, NJ, and is a perfect summer beach read. https://www.amazon.com/Three-Key-KC-Avalon-ebook/dp/B07TKWNHMC

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KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

Rituals we believe will help our sport teams win:
1 Not shaving your beard until the season is over. How can you expect your team to win when you look like you have been in quarantine for years? Better be careful or the authorities may take you away to the loony bin.
2 Praying to God. Listen, God is a very busy man dealing with serious issues. What makes you think he will drop everything to answer your prayer on demand?
3 Wearing the same outfit as the last time they won. I would think every fan of that team would also have to wear the same exact outfit for this to even be a possibility.
4 You listen to certain music that pumps you up before the game. Now the rest of us have to deal with a super hyper fool.
5 You put a curse on the other team whenever they have the ball so that they will lose. Wow, you must be some kind of witch with all of that Abra Cadabra nonsense.
6 Using your rally towel to cheer on your team. Hit me with that towel one more time and I will wrap it around your neck.
7 Eating a certain meal before the game. Don’t worry about us. We aren’t hungry. We will just starve.
8 Standing in a certain spot while watching the game. Sit down! No one wants to look at you when they are trying to watch the game.
9 Holding a good luck charm. How do you plan to be a good host/hostess using one hand? Put that thing down and stop acting like a two year old.
10 Concentrating really hard so that you can send energy to help the team win. Don’t pop a brain cell over it. We don’t want your brain to overheat.

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KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

Funny things some beginner golfers do:
1 They try to hit the ball off of the tee but swing and miss. Again and again. Twenty shots later you are still going. This isn’t a batting range. Everyone is looking at you and barely swallowing their laugh. You finally pick the ball up and put it in your pocket and skip that hole. It’s probably just first hole stage fright because everyone watching.
2 You see everyone taking practice shots before they hit the ball. You do your best to make everyone think you know what you are doing. You tip the ball and it falls off the tee. NO don’t count that! I didn’t mean to hit it.
3 You try to kill the ball so that it goes the furthest. The macho man in you has to show how much power you have. Good job. Now your ball has hooked or sliced instead of going straight. Good luck finding it.
4 You hit the ball and cup you hand above your eyes to see how far it went. Wow it must be on the green! Hee hee hee. Your ball is right by your foot. Embarrassing.
5 You can’t hit the ball out of the sand. Sand is flying everywhere but the ball remains. The only thing you managed to do is dig a hole with your club.
6 You think you are too good for the golfing range. Anyone can hit a ball. You don’t need practice. Don’t be surprised when your friends don’t ask you to come along anymore because you take too long.
7 Overcompensating by buying ridiculously expensive equipment thinking it will make you play better. Hey buddy, you still play pathetic.
8 Throwing temper tantrums because you are playing lousy. Stringing curse words together and throwing clubs is not going to make your game better. You big donkey. Calm down or your game will get a whole lot worse.
9 You kick your ball or move it when no one is looking because you don’t like the location. Cheater!!
10 Hitting the ball at the same time as someone else on the green. This isn’t mini golf. You are disqualified.

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KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

Riding a bike isn’t as easy as when you were a kid:
1 I remember riding my bike all over the place. I went out recently thinking I wouldn’t get tired cruising around. Wrong. I was never more uncomfortable.
2 Looking at the seat is painful. Nevermind sitting on it. Ouch my sits bones are so sore.
3 There are two sets of numbers and gears. Oh boy. Guess I have to play around with it until I figure it out.
4 I tried to stand up on the pedals when my butt got numb. It helped and then I sat down again.
5 Here comes a hill. Here I go. I am pedaling like crazy. Yes! Up the hill I go. The bike is slowing down. Come on. Just a wee bit more. OMG I am going to go backwards. Let me lean forward. I made it!!!
6 I brought a drink. Let me take a sip. Missed my mouth. Went down my shirt. Almost fell off my bike.
7 Hit some sand. My bike tire is pulling away and I am starting to lose control. Somehow I regained my balance and recovered. Phew. Close one.
8 My bike has me leaning forward and my weight seems to be resting on my hands which have gone numb.
9 I finally get a break. I am going downhill. Whoa I’m traveling at the speed of light. I hope I don’t have to stop.
10 Hopefully I don’t experience this. The sky opens up and it is pouring. You are getting pelted with rain and your back tire is kicking up a bunch of yuk to your seat. Ugh!

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