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Just say no:
1 When one more task will push you over the edge of the cliff. You do realize there are only 24 hours in a day no matter how you slice it?
2 When you know you can’t deliver on the promise you just made. You aren’t a magician.
3 When the person asking is trying to make you feel bad so that you will say yes. Don’t fall for it! It’s trickery.
4 You can do it! Stand in front of a mirror and practice. Once you get started, you won’t remember how to say yes.
5 No one says you have to give an answer immediately. Sleep on it and pray that the person finds some other sucker to do it by morning.
6 When the person is always asking for favors and using you to get what they want. Say no pinocchio. You aren’t anyone’s puppet.
7 That little voice in your head is telling you it’s a bad idea. If you don’t listen, you will only find out later that the little voice was right.
8 If the favor you are doing is going to stress you out then it is not worth the hassle.
9 When someone asks you for money all the time. You aren’t a bank! If you keep giving away money, who will pay your bills?
10 If your special favor involves missing one of your kid’s events. They will remember and hold it against you for as long as they can get away with it. It will cost you way more than saying no would have.

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KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

Forgetting names:

1 You go through the alphabet hoping one of the letters sparks some recognition.

2 “What’s up man!” followed up with a hearty handshake.

3 “Oh my God, how are you?” (Who the hell is this?)

4 “It’s been a long time.” (So long, I caught amnesia)

5 “What’s up my brother?” (Good one. Make him think you know him)

6 “Hey you. What have you been up to?” (You might as well ask to see some ID)

7 “Wow, what a surprise!” (Thanks for catching me completely off guard.)

8 “What’s up buddy?” (So you’re just going to stand there and not give me any clues?)

9 “How you doin?” (That’s all I got)

10 “It was great seeing you again.” (I still have no clue who you are. Nothing.)

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KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog

Things not worth borrowing:

1 An expensive car that costs more than your annual salary. You have to drive 25 mph because you are too afraid to crash or even scratch the car.
2 Clothing that is brand new. Talk about pressure. It is an open invitation for food and drinks to drop all over the beautiful fabric.
3 Good jewelry – You drink too much and drop the earring somewhere in your house. You have to hope that you can crawl around every square inch of your house and find it before the vacuum does or your friend wants them back.
4 Luggage – The airline loses your luggage except it isn’t yours. There is no way you can afford to replace it. That is why you borrowed it in the first place.
5 Shoes – They are more than your paycheck but look so sparkly. You stepped in some mud and there is no way to save these shoes.
6 You lose the item you borrowed and replace it. When you return it, your friend has a strange look on her face but she is too polite to tell you that this is nothing like what you borrowed.
7 You dent her car but it is on the passenger’s side so maybe by the time she notices, she will think it was her.
8 You borrow something and forget to return it. By the time your friend asks for it back, you have no clue where it is.
9 You stay at your friends luxurious house for the weekend but are so afraid to ruin anything that you stress yourself out and forget to have fun.
10 You borrow a chainsaw to cut down a tree but have no clue what you are doing. The tree falls into your neighbors house. Oops 😬 timber!

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KC Avalon’s Funny Top 10 Blog

When a friend owes you money:

1 They develop a case of amnesia and forget to pay you back.
2 They think you have more money than them and you can afford it.
3 They come up with excuses of being in a tight situation, yet they drive a new car, regularly go to bars, and buy lunch out.
4 They get mad when you bring it up and stop talking to you. Good one!
5 They avoid you like the plague. If you don’t exist, they don’t have to pay it back.
6 They tell you that they paid you already. They laugh at you for having a bad memory when you know they are outright lying.
7 They tell you next time, because they don’t carry cash. Next time turns into next year and then never.
8 They try and say that they never borrowed money from you. You have them mixed up with someone else.
9 They get all indignant and write IOU on a bar napkin. How about you keep buying me drinks on your credit card until I am paid in full.
10 Do you mind coming with me to the police department? Why? I need to file a report since you stole from me.

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KC Avalon’s Daily Blog

What makes you instantly dislike someone:
1 The person constantly talks about themself and begrudgingly throws you a question now and then. If you are lucky, you will get a sentence out before Mimi takes over the conversation.
2 You just meet the person and they say something inappropriate and vulgar. Ewww not impressed.
3 The person hits on your man knowing that he is taken but treating it like a challenge. I’m gonna give you til the count of three before I chase you down.
4 The person insults you to make themself look good. Oh no you didn’t!
5 The person is sickening sweet and overly nice. My radar is going off trying to figure out your ulterior motive.
6 You can’t understand them. It’s not their fault but it takes too much of your attention span to focus. It’s like a full time job.
7 They have a lot of money and act like a show off. Hey wanna see a magic trick? I’m gonna disappear 😂
8 They are drunk off their ass and causing a scene. Just give them a little push in a different direction.
9 When someone tries to put you down because they think they are better. You can stop talking now.
10 When the person mistreats their significant other and doesn’t care. That’s when you find someone built like Jason Momoa or The Rock and tell him that guy said you are a weasel. Problem solved.

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