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Video games frustrations:

1 You can’t get to the next level because you keep dying and have to start all over. After an hour of pure frustration, I want to throw my controller through the TV.
2 Your batteries in your controller die at the worst possible time. It is a race to change them before you die in the game.
3 The game takes forever to load! C’mon. Wonder if I have time to run to Wawa.
4 The game requires a degree to learn the endless amount of controller combinations. Do they think I am Einstein?
5 The game won’t let me skip a scene. If I wanted to watch a movie I would have watched Netflix.
6 You play so long that you forget to eat, shower, and sleep.
7 All of the cool options require real money. I already bought the game so why do I need to keep spending money?
8 Not being able to save your progress whenever you choose. Or worse yet, forgetting to save and you lose hours of progress 🤬
9 Your mom wants to have a conversation when you are trying to game and doesn’t understand that you cannot pause the game. Talk to you later.
10 You need to enroll in anger management classes because of all your cursing and temper tantrums.

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Are you addicted to your cell phone?
1 You decide to go on your phone for a few minutes to check some things. You look up from your phone and somehow it’s bedtime.
2 You feel panic if you get to work and realize your cell phone is not.
3 You cannot stay away from social media but avoid social interaction with real people.
4 You go to a restaurant and everyone’s on their phone while waiting for their food instead of having a conversation.
5 You look up stuff on your cell phone at work when you are supposed to be working. Somehow you convince yourself that it is okay since you aren’t using the company computer.
6 You are constantly distracted and have trouble concentrating because you hear notifications for texts and emails.
7 You find yourself sneaking off to use your phone to avoid people commenting on your cell phone use.
8 You use bathroom breaks to send texts.
9 You are afraid you will miss out on breaking news if you unplug for a while.
10 When you wake up in the morning you reach for your phone instead of your significant other.

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