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KC’s second novel is pulsating with riveting suspense and filled with surprising twists. BUY NOW on Amazon $2.99 ebook $10 paperback $19.99 audible…/dp/B08VF9FMFK

To say Marco was having a bad day was an understatement. His life was falling apart, and he had to figure out a way out of this mess. Just last week he was making more money than he could spend. It was so easy to deceive people, including the mafia. Marco knew how to keep his eye on the prize, but maybe his greed clouded his judgment. His day took a turn for the worse when someone forced him into the trunk of his own car. Was money really worth the price? Will Marco live to tell about it? Find out in this page-turning story that will take you on a ride full of twists and turns and leave you with a surprise ending. You will not be able to put this book down.

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Friends: At last!! My new suspense is available for preorder as an ebook on Amazon. It is scheduled to be delivered March 1st. Please buy your copy for $4.99 now.
Editorial Reviews:
The plot includes a number of twists and turns, making the book an exciting, page-turning read. Eye on the Prize is a gripping suspense novel for fans of the genre. – Reader’s Favorite
KC Avalon delivers a dramatic new novel with more than enough psychological complexity within this twisting read to be highly entertaining. – Self-Publishing Review

KC Avalon’s Romance

Imagine meeting a man who you thought only existed in your dreams. He is remarkable in every way and you share an intense longing for one another. You are guaranteed a lifetime of happiness, or so you think until you find out there is competition. He is being drafted by the NBA. Can you handle loving a man whose fame threatens your happiness? Will he give in to temptation or you? Find out now in this book that you will not be able to put down until you get to the last page. The story Is set in Sea Isle City, NJ, and is a perfect summer beach read.

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