KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

Public restrooms:
1 Your stomach hurts and you have to do a number 2. You try and hold it until everyone leaves but it can’t wait. Take cover.
2 You see feet underneath a couple stalls down but no noise. It is night time and you’re afraid a murderer is in the bathroom.
3 You already started to tinkle and then notice there is no toilet paper. Now you have to wait until someone comes in next to your stall or drip dry.
4 You are going to the bathroom and a little kids head pops in under your stall. Uh hello, where is your mommy and why is she letting you crawl on the floor?
5 You aren’t done going to the bathroom yet and the toilet flushes. It is so powerful that you look like you just took a shower.
6 Someone is talking on the phone in their stall. Really! Can you be quiet?
7 Someone is just about taking a bath in the sink. Don’t stare. Just walk away.
8 Your door won’t lock and it’s the only one left. You keep playing ping pong with it until you are done and are exhausted.
9 You think the stall is empty and the door is stuck so you pull it open. Surprise! Someone is sitting on the toilet. They look ridiculous and angry. Run!
10 The person next to you keeps trying to have a conversation. You just want them to go away. Creepy!

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