KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

Watching the weather forecast 😳
1 By the time they get through a full five days, I forget everything they just said. I can only handle one day per episode.
2 I really don’t need the weather for the rest of the country I didn’t ask. There’s a storm in the MidWest? Ok but clouds blow so they can go anywhere.
3 All I really need to know is how cold it will feel outside for the next day. I need to pick out an outfit. C’mon help me out.
4 Multiple day forecasts are useless to me since it always seems to change anyway. Tell me the day before. I get tired of changing my plans.
5 My advice to everyone, stick your head out the front door for the most accurate forecast.
6 Looking at arrows and patterns on maps reminds me of John Madden marking up my TV screen during football games. Hey stop writing, I am trying to see the game!
7 The current forecast says cloudy but all I see is the sun,shining very brightly as if it is mocking the weather people.
8 Cloud cover, visibility, dew point, the direction of the wind or the ceiling is not relevant to me. I am not flying a plane
9 If it’s just a prediction, maybe I would be better off going to a fortune teller.
10 If you keep getting it wrong, how do you still have a job? NEXT!

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