KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

You know it’s time to throw stuff out when:
1 You have clothes for every occasion: painting, gardening, time of the month, lounging around, in case you lose weight
2 You have manuals for things you don’t own anymore.
3 You have college books from 20 years ago just in case you need to look something up.
4 You have leftover cans of paint for every time you ever painted. Maybe you can have a craft night.
5 You have menus for every establishment in the state. You need to have options.
6 You have a drawer of unmatched socks just in case the other one decides to show up.
7 You have a whole box of cords and no idea where they belong.
8 Books you read and don’t want to get rid of even though you will never read them again.
9 Gowns from every wedding you have been in including your own. Unless you are opening up a dress shop move on.
10 Your drug cabinets. You have things so old it will kill you instead of making you better.

#blog #top10 #throwitaway #funny

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