KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog-

Ways to get rid of stress:

1 Walk home from work. Hopefully, you live closeby.
2 Buy a puppy and act like you don’t know where it came from when your husband asks.
3 Quit your job and just pretend to go to work in the morning.
4 Every time something upsets you, say “Cheers” and take a shot. After a while nothing will bother you.
5 Throw something at the person stressing you out. They may not feel better but you will.
6 Slap someone and tell them it was a mosquito.
7 If you are stressed eat desserts. Stressed spelled backwards is desserts.
8 Put your work away and color.
9 Take an afternoon nap. Your boss will not know what to say.
10 Forget about yoga. Get an ice cream.

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