KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog-

When your weekend is over:
1 You demand a redo since it went by too fast.
2 You stayed up all night to get the most out of the last day and slept through Monday.
3 Your Monday lasts longer than the entire weekend.
4 Although you don’t get paid for Saturday and Sunday, you convince yourself that it is better than going into work Monday thru Friday.
5 You burst out crying when it is time to go to bed Sunday.
6 You are convinced someone hit fast forward.
7 You have to call out sick Monday because you are in denial.
8 You go to the boss to discuss the three day weekend and use mental health as your argument.
9 When your boss calls to see where you are on Monday, you ask him why he is calling you on a Sunday.
10 You start looking for jobs that give you summers off.

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