KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog-

How people pick out the winner at a horse race when betting:
1 You don’t know a thing about horses but go check out the horses before the race to see which one looks healthy. Yours is the horse that goes backwards out of the gate!
2 You strictly look at the horse’s name. The best name has to be a winner. No doubt.
3 You pick the gray horse. All the other horses are brown. Your special horse is going to win!
4 You look at the jockey’s birthdays. The one closest to your own has to be the luckiest and the best. Oh yea.
5 You pick the horse that looks like it has the most energy. Problem is, he tired himself out before the race even started. You may as well just throw your money onto the track.
6 You run around asking everyone else at the race who they like and bet on the favorite. What do you know? The favorite won but you have very little winnings to show for it.
7 Now it is time to go for the longshot horse. He is old but you put all of your faith in him. He falls behind and may not finish the race. Hell, he might not even live to the end of the race.
8 You look at the odds and pick out the horse who is going to pay decent money. Go big or go home baby.
9 You pick out a number on the program. Nothing else is working so why not?
10 You pick the littlest horse with the littlest jockey. You are going for speed because you are running out of ideas.

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