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Paying your own bills for the first time:
1 All the bills are paid. Oh crap, I forgot to put aside some money for food. Mom!
2 Are they kidding me with these electric prices? From now on we use candle light once it gets dark.
3 How long have you been in the shower? I am paying for that water! Take a bath in the pool for God’s sake.
4 My mortgage payment is $1,700? A month? I thought you said per year. Are you out of your mind? I think I need to downsize to a box.
5 Oh no. I am sick. That is not in the budget!
6 Hello, Mom. Uh I was wondering if you could start paying me an allowance again? Yes, it’s time that I renegotiate.
7 I just drove up to my new house. Wait til you see this place. Where’s the furniture? Great I moved into a bad neighborhood. Someone robbed my house before I even moved in. What do you mean it doesn’t come furnished?
8 Do you see the prices for this food? How am I supposed to survive? Okay put everything back unless it is on sale. We need to cut corners.
9 Oh look honey. We received a credit card in the mail. There is a spending limit of $10,000. We are in business!
10 I didn’t realize I was going to have to buy a lawn mower. Looks like I will have to use scissors until I can afford one.

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