KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog-

When you see a bug:
1 You end up scaring the bug with all of your screaming and running around the house.
2 Your neighbors are ready to call 911 for fear that you have been murdered. They don’t realize you are afraid of a bug one hundred times smaller than you.
3 It is on the ceiling and you wake your husband up out of a sound sleep to take care of it. He tells you it’s across the room and go to sleep. There is no way anyone is getting one ounce of shut eye until that bug is dead.
4 You consider leaving the house to get to safety.
5 You kill it with your shoe and then have to throw the shoe away so that you don’t have to touch it.
6 You try and get your dog to eat it because no one is home and you are too afraid to kill it.
7 You swing and miss and lose sight of it. There is no way you are staying in that house until it is found.
8 You drop everything to immediately call the exterminator. The stuff he sprayed didn’t work. Get out here ASAP.
9 You try to kill it with one tissue, but it’s too close. You quickly scan the house to see what you can throw instead.
10 You spray it with the first thing you can grab. The PAM cooking spray didn’t kill the bug but it did lose it’s grip on the wall.

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