KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog-

When you are in a rush:
1 Your dog decides to do a whoopsie in the house and you need to clean it up.
2 Your neighbor stops to say hello. You never new hello lasted an hour.
3 You realize your car is running on fumes.
4 You get stopped by an officer for speeding. You hope “sorry officer” and a pretty smile will be enough for him to let you go on your merry old way.
5 You forget your phone and really need to turn around to get it, no matter the consequences.
6 You get stuck at each and every traffic light that you see. Now you are late and angry.
7 You are stuck behind a car going 10 mph. You might as well get out and start running. Who drives that slow?
8 You forget to put on deodorant and smell like a hoagie later on that morning. Pew.
9 You can’t find your keys, or your shoes, or your handbag, or your money. Maybe it is a sign that you should stay home.
10 You finally make it to work and realize it is Saturday!!

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