KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog-

Funny things dogs do:
1Brings us a toy to throw and then doesn’t want to give it up. Make up your mind!
2 Runs around the house like a lunatic when they get wet. Fluff balls running at the speed of light.
3 Bite their tail and then chase it in circles. Run faster and you will get it.
4 Sleep on their back with their legs stiff and up in the air. You are playing dead, right?
5 Steal pieces of food out of their bowl one at a time. Someone tell the dog there is no need to steal your own food.
6 Watches TV and then looks back and forth from you to the TV when it is off. Someone wants you to turn something on, and fast!
7 Reflexively kick their back leg when you give a belly rub. Oh yeah!
8 When looking for someone or something, they are on a mission and cannot be interrupted until they find it.
9 Tap dancing when you walk through the front door. It’s nice to know someone is excited that you are home.
10 Digging a hole six feet deep the second you turn your back. Whoa, where were you when I needed a shovel at the beach?

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