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Toilet paper: (Danielle, this one is for you!!)
1 If someone is too lazy to change the roll and there are no more under the vanity, you are shit out of luck.
2 Although there is a right way to put the new roll on, no one really gives a crap. Just do it!
3 You want to strangle the person who leaves you with one square of toilet paper or an empty roll. What can you possible do with one square of toilet paper? You can use the cardboard tube as a megaphone for someone to bring you some more.
4 Why did everyone have to buy out the toilet paper during COVID? None of the symptoms had anything to do with going to the bathroom.
5 News alert: Going paperless has nothing to do with toilet paper.
6 Dear toilet paper companies, don’t bother selling it unless it is two ply. No one wants to end up wiping their ass with their hand because it isn’t strong enough.
7 I shouldn’t be the person always changing the roll. This isn’t a game show where the person left with an empty roll is a loser.
8 Toilet paper doesn’t come with directions but it isn’t rocket science baby. You can do it!
9 It’s pretty bad when you have to text someone for more TP since you are stuck on the bowl without a roll of toilet paper. It’s a common courtesy to put a new roll on.
10 Next time you decide to be lazy, I will Saran Wrap the bowl and you will have a big surprise!

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