KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog-

Next time a telemarketer calls:

1 Tell him to talk really slow so you can write down every word.
2 Keep repeating his name like your best friend and keep interrupting him to ask about his family and personal life.
3 Ask for his home number so you can call at a more convenient time.
4 Keep asking them out and tell them you need to get to know each other better before you give out credit card information.
5 Tell them you are on house arrest and ask them to come over with snacks and drinks.
6 Act like a complete lunatic.
7 When they ask you how you are, tell them you are glad they called and tell them all of your problems.
8 Tell them you will buy their item if they buy something you are selling
9 Act like you won a prize and ask them how they are sending it to you.
10 Talk in a fake foreign language.

#topten #telemarketer #blogger

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