KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog-

You may sweat to much if:
1 You work out and it feels like you took a shower. When you attempt to lay down on a workout bench, you fall to the floor.
2 You have to pack an extra five shirts in case you need to change.
3 You have to walk around with your arms pinned to your sides so no one sees the pit stains.
4 You get out of bed and an outline of your body remains on the sheet.
5 You eat hot peppers and your forehead has beads of sweat.
6 You can’t text because your fingers are too slippery.
7 You can’t see because sweat keeps dripping into your eyes.
8 You fall in the sand and look like a powdered donut when you stand up.
9 You immediately have a sweatstache the minute you walk out the door.
10 You can’t wear sunglasses because they slide off your face.

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