KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog-

When you try to quit smoking:
1 You fly off the handle at the simplest question.
2 You find new annoying qualities of the people around you.
3 Seeing someone else smoke a cigarette is like watching porn. It is in slow motion and teasing you and you can’t look away.
4 You are now chewing gum and sucking lollipops at the same time.
5 Your coffee just doesn’t taste as good anymore.
6 You stare at a cigarette butt on the ground and contemplate picking it up.
7 Someone tells you to try eating a carrot instead. They are no longer with us.
8 You go outside for your ten minute break and suddenly remember you don’t smoke.
9 You need to have a drag and sneak around like a ninja so that no one catches you in the act.
10 Instead of smoking, you eat when you get an urge. Now you are 300 pounds and no one recognizes you.

#blog #top10 #funny #smoking

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