KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

Hating needles:
1 You have tattoos but run away from your flu shot
2 You turn your head and cringe while waiting for the pain, not realizing the shot was already given.
3 When you see a little bit of liquid squirt out of the needle, you silently pray that it isn’t a lethal injection. The nurse’s smile looked a little too wicked for your liking.
4 When the nurse says she will be right back, you make a run for the door.
5 You are a human pin cushion when it comes to sewing, constantly getting pricked by the needle, yet you can’t handle a little shot.
6 You get acupuncture and look like a porcupine but break out in a sweat with the thought of a syringe.
7 You welcome cupid’s arrow but avoid needles.
8 You ask for the pill form instead.
9 You go to the dentist and ask to be knocked out for a cavity to avoid the needle.
10 You go to the drive-thru site for your flu vaccine. You mistakenly thought it was drive by where they tried to throw the needle into the arm as you drove by.

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