KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog-

Dear 2021:
1 How much longer do I have to wear a face mask that makes me feel like a bank robber everywhere I go?
2 Can you tell mother nature I asked for one good snowstorm, not ten.
3 I need this summer to be the kick covid in the ass celebration.
4 Is this all happening because I canceled those plans? Geez, punish me for not wanting to attend one event.
5 I am going to throw my planner away soon since I have nothing to plan.
6 Instead of safe sex, everyone is practicing a safe distance of six feet apart.
7 For the last year, something fun to do consisted of going into a different room of the house.
8 Every time I cough or sniffle, I have to prove to everyone that I don’t have the Rona.
9 When I said I wanted some time to myself, I didn’t mean that I wanted to be put in isolation.
10 People who said they were ready to date again were really in for a surprise. An elbow bump counted as second base and undressing for him on facetime was a homerun. No touch!

#blog #top10 #funny #covid

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