KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog-

When the sun finally comes out:
1 The level of brightness is much too high. You look for the setting to lower the brightness.
2 It’s time for the dark sunglasses 😎
3 It’s so bright you need sunglasses inside. People speculate that you are up to something because you look shady.
4 It’s shocking because fluorescent lights were the brightest lights you saw so far.
5 It is so hot 🥵 that you race to get inside before you melt.
6 Squinting is your new look since you forgot sunglasses. Everyone wants to fight you for giving them dirty looks.
7 The glare is so bright that you can’t tell the color of the traffic light. Don’t worry, wait for someone to honk.
8 When it shines through the window, it hits you with laser accuracy.
9 You think the person in front of you keeps hitting the brakes but it’s just the sun messing around.
10 You go out in the snow and the sun comes out and blinds you.

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