KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog-

Wives appreciatIng their husbands:
1 Thank you so much for leaving the toilet seat up. It is wonderful to take a swim in the middle of the night.
2 After a night of drinking your husband goes to sleep and makes noises like an angry grizzly bear.
3 You should be an expert at peeing after all of these years. Instead, you pee like you just went blind. It goes everywhere but the target.
4 Your dirty clothes are always on the floor next to the hamper. Either you are terrible at basketball or you are starting your own pile.
5 You can eat anything you want and never gain weight. Women look at food and gain weight. It takes six months to lose five pounds and you lose it after taking a dump.
6 It is so thoughtful of you to leave worms in the fridge with my food. Fishing bait should be in your cooler.
7 I love you so much, especially when I go to eat something that I was looking forward to but you beat me to it first.
8 I am so proud at how good you are at video games. You dedicate so many hours to be the best you can be. Those skills might come in handy some day.
9 I love when you say Whatever. My blood pressure goes through the roof and I cannot be held responsible for what happens next.
10 I appreciate how you are a nature lover. Every time we go to the beach you are like a swivel head trying to look at all the scantily clad women.

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