KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog-

When you are sick at work:
1 Everyone wants you to pack up your germs and go home. They bust out the Lysol cans as soon as the door closes.
2 Your coworkers are trying to figure out when they are going to come down with your disease. It better not fall on a weekend!
3 You would have called in dead but your work only gives vacation days. You aren’t about to waste one of those on an illness. Oh hell no.
4 Your nose won’t stop running and you need to finish typing up your report. Time to stuff tissues up your nose.
5 You are congested and can’t get enough oxygen because your mask is cutting off your air supply.
6 You can feel people cringe when you walk around the office. They are holding their breath until you get back to your desk. Back in your cage!
7 You walk the halls aimlessly covered in layers of blankets looking for the nurse’s office so that you can get sent home immediately.
8 The only reason you can function is because you are full of meds. Everyone better get their questions and work in before the meds wear off. It’s a race against the clock.
9 Your coworkers find you face down in you papers sound asleep.
10 Your head is pounding so you can only work with the lights off and sunglasses on. You snap at everyone to shut up because their voice is slicing through your brain. It hurts to think.

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