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Driving in the snow:
1 Some people see a slight ground covering of snow and go back to the safety of their bed. If they do decide to drive, they grip the wheel so tight and forget to breathe.
2 Some people get giddy with excitement to do donuts in the snow.
3 People that are scared to death or overly cautious drive so slow that you can’t gain any traction.
4 Some people feel the need to drive like a bat out of hell in their big trucks nearly running you off the road.
5 Others forget what a brake is. Once they do remember, they run out of road.
6 You forget an ice scraper and have to sit in your car until the defrosters do their job.
7 You mistake black ice for a wet road and your car takes you wherever it wants to go.
8 Some people slip when they hit the brake and their foot seems to be stuck there. I am afraid that I need to insist that you lift that foot immediately.
9 Four-wheel drive isn’t a security cloak or some kind of autopilot. All rules still apply.
10 You become extremely religious as you drive over the bridge, hoping and praying that you don’t veer off into the river.

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