KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog-

Pain in the neck to clean:
1 Peanut butter on silverware: It is a bugger and doesn’t want to dissolve. You try and clean the butter knife and then it’s stuck on the sponge.
2 Flour on the counter: If you make the mistake of using a wet rag, congratulations, you just made paste.
3 Mopping when it is raining out: All I can say is, what a mess. If people come in without removing their shoes, you have muddy floors and need to mop again, and again.
4 Tracking salt and ice melt inside: It’s as if someone ate a giant soft pretzel and spilled all of the salt on the floor. The roller of the vacuum moves it everywhere but inside the vacuum.
5 Christmas tree needles: No matter how well you vacuum, you can find needles in random places six months later.
6 Glitter: It may look pretty but you curse out the person who sent you the card. As the days go by, you find pieces of glitter on the floor, your hair, your face, and any available surface.
7 Packing peanuts: They are the biggest pain in the neck and useless. No matter how careful you try to be, they go all over the place. The trash bag gets static cling and the peanuts refuse to get inside the bag. It’s a standoff of the packing peanuts.
8 The barbecue gril: Cleaning the rack makes you feel like Cinderella. It takes all the elbow grease you can muster to get the grime off the grill. It’s a workout.
9 Lint or dog hair on your clothes: Somehow, white lint and dog hair love to hang out on your black pants or shirt. As the day goes on, it multiplies and you look like a crazy cat lady or someone who doesn’t wash their clothes very often.
10 Parking under a tree in the shade is a brilliant idea. That is until you get tree sap stuck on your car. It is the nastiest, stickiest, ooziest stuff to ever drip on the car and it is a pain in the carcass to get off.

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