KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog-

Baby Sitting for a living:
1 You are hoping the kids sleep the entire time (C’mon easy money!), but they have more energy than five Red Bulls. (Oh yay.)
2 You have no clue what this kid ate, but he did a number two that exploded all over him. (Oh gross! I better get paid extra!) Time to call the fire department to hose him off. That’s why people pay taxes.
3 You go outside for a split second and the kid locked you out. (Oh no you didn’t!) You stress yourself out playing negotiator and shell out $20 for her to let you back in. (Smells like a setup!)
4 The kid is a monster and refuses to listen. Two hours feels like two days. You will never ever have kids. NEVER. Under any circumstances.
5 The little minion convincingly tells you they are allowed to watch rated R movies. The parents come home and are horrified. They demand that you never return. (Who are they talking to? They should be having the little mastermind pack his bags.)
6 You put the child in timeout but he won’t stay. You tie him to the chair with rope and tape his mouth shut so you don’t have to listen to the backtalk. The parents don’t pay you and threaten to call the police.
7 You take the kid with you to run errands. You are a cool babysitter, so you let the four-year-old sit in the front seat with you. You return later that night after a wonderful day. The parents came home hours ago and are furious with you. Geeze a simple thank you would be sufficient.
8 You teach the young lad how to play beer pong. Mom and dad are not amused. (It was water!)
9 “These two were not getting along all night so I just let them fight it out. This one didn’t do so good. You might want to get him boxing lessons.”
10 “The food in the fridge wasn’t all for me? SORRY! Maybe you should label it next time if you don’t want me to eat it.” (It’s not nice to tease your babysitter!)

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