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Reasons to hate Valentine’s Day:
1 You may be under the impression that you only need to show love one day a year. Nope. I’m gonna need 365.
2 There is so much pressure on the gift. The girl isn’t expecting much until her girlfriends get in her ear and the guy has no idea what is going to make her happy and keep him out of trouble.
3 Sometimes the gift you get makes you wonder if he knows who the hell you are. (I hate chocolate covered cherries. A teddy bear? When have you ever seen me with a bear?
4 Every restaurant is overcrowded which makes it hard to have an intimate ambiance.
5 You spent $50 on the flowers. Next time give me the money. These poor roses will be dead in three days.
6 People make you feel like something is wrong with you if you happen to be single on Valentine’s Day. What’s wrong with spending the night with some beer.
7 The public displays of affection are nauseating. Go get a room. I’m trying to eat over here.
8 Greeting cards are a waste of time. I don’t want to read someone elses words. Just tell me you love me and let’s go upstairs already.
9 For men dating, it feels like being tested once a year to see if she wants to stay in the relationship.
10 It’s a day that costs too much money and takes much more than a day to pay off. Maybe just hit snooze next year.

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