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When your dog gets skunked:
1 You don’t realize your dog was sprayed until he is in the house. Now your house smells offensive and it is overpowering. Feels like noxious fumes were released and they are nauseating.
2 You try tomato juice, but you get a pink dog that smells like a skunk.
3 Then you try vinegar and you get a dog that smells like skunk salad.
4 Next is Listerine mouthwash. You only have the blue one and give it a whirl. Your poor dog is now pink and blue. With the white in his fur, he now looks like a firecracker popsicle.
5 The best thing you tried is a peroxide, dish soap, and baking soda blend but it takes about ten washes. If your dog hated baths before, he will never want one again after this nightmare.
6 Since it took so long to deal with your dog, now the house needs to be dealt with. Every window in the house is open but the smell is lingering like an unwanted guest. Of all times for there to be no wind. Time to turn on some fans.
7 The load of laundry that was sitting around needs to be rewashed along with all of the curtains in the house. Nothing like more chores to do. You weren’t busy enough before this day started.
8 All of the carpets need carpet deodorizer and vacuuming. You are gagging from all of the deodorizer spray and have to wipe down all of the couches.
9 Putting cinnamon and nutmeg on a baking sheet in the oven with the oven door open did help a little but made you hungry for some cinnamon rolls. You can’t believe this tiny animal could smell so bad. Maybe Superman’s villain should be a skunk with toxic fumes that brings him to his knees instead of kryptonite.
10 You light every candle in the house. By the time hubby comes home from work, the ordeal is over and the house smells great. He thinks you were trying to send him a romantic signal and greets you wearing nothing more than a smile.

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