KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog-


1 You put cheese in the trap to catch the mouse and the little bugger gets away with the cheese.
2 Your mouse thinks the trap is a home gym and uses the metal part to do chest presses.
3 Your cat is too lazy to chase anything. Unacceptable! This is an embarrassment to your family.
4 You set a trap and the only thing it caught was your big toe. Somebody is feeling salty!
Apparently, forgetfulness is something else to add to your weaknesses.
5 The little suckers are quite intelligent and can’t be caught instantly. You have a better chance of challenging them to a game of chess. It’s a shame you have no patience.
6 Your dog’s tongue got caught in the trap. Turns out Skippy loves peanut butter too.
7 Mice can climb. You have some Mission Impossible rodents.
8 Poor little guys were just looking for a place to stay warm for the winter. They made the mistake of picking a cereal killer’s house.
9 You are dealing with a half-blind gymnast who is a pro at hide and seek and the high jump.
10 This germ-ridden Chuck E Cheese has some nerve coming into your home without a mask and unsanitized. He picked the wrong house.

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