KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog-

1 Seems like an easy way to make a living until you keep losing.
2 You were never so religious until you started gambling. You find yourself praying in public and making promises you can’t keep.
3 You find yourself rooting against your favorite team just to win a bet. Sacrilege!
4 You had one too many shots of tequila and were feeling invincible. Wait till sober you sees how much money you spent. Even Jose Cuervo is shaking his head in disgust.
5 You are at the casino and run out of cash. Stop hitting up the ATM! It is not free money!
6 You made a bold bet not realizing that a key player is injured. Looks like you were snookered.
7 If you aren’t a pirate, stay away from parlays. You poor newbies are walking the plank and don’t even know it.
8 Luck has nothing to do with winning. It’s all about probability, statistics, and your ability to be a mathemagician.
9 You find yourself betting on everything with friends. (I bet I can beat you in a race, eat more hot sauce than you, drink you under the table, pick a girl up quicker than you, and the list goes on.)
10 You risk too much money on a single bet because you think you know more than the bookies and are miraculously going to be a millionaire overnight. If you aren’t doing it to make the game more interesting to watch, you may as well wave the white flag.

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