KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog-

How men get out of chores:

1 If you send them grocery shopping, they bring home all the wrong things including items not on the list so that they never get asked to shop again.
2 They say they are tired so that you do it for them.
3 Their idea of cleaning dishes is putting them in the sink.
4 They throw everything in the wash, regardless of color or washing instructions.
5 There is no need to make the bed when you are going to sleep in it again later.
6 If you ask them to do something, they take their shirt off and try to distract you from giving them chores.
7 They pay the kids to do their chores. May as well put the little minions to good use.
8 They clean up and put everything in the wrong place. These items will never be seen again.
9 They hate cleaning the toilet even though they pee like blind men. Their idea of cleaning it is to put 2000 flushes tablets in the bowl so that the blue color hides the dirt. Problem solved.
10 When they mop the floor, there are little ponds all around the house. It takes all day to dry and you have to stop the dogs from drinking the puddles.

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