KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog-

1 The pain is intense. You tie a bandanna as tight as you can around your forehead. Not because you want to look like a hippie, but because squeezing your head may strangle the headache.
2 You need to sit in the dark with sunglasses on and try to sleep it off. Your friends may start thinking that you are a vampire, but light is your enemy.
3 The pain has touched your stomach, and now you are nauseous. It’s even worse because you feel like you have a hangover without drinking a drop of alcohol.
4 Your head hurts so bad that you lost all ability to make any decisions. What’s for dinner? Who cares. Guess what happened? No thanks. Don’t talk to me.
5 You will take anything just to make it go away. Why me?
6 When someone says they never had a headache, you wish you could use your magic wand so that they can share the experience.
7 Noise and children don’t mix well with a headache. It feels like you have bionic ears, and every sound is amplified to the max.
8 When someone tells you, at least it’s not life-threatening, they don’t realize that their life is in danger at that very moment. You are in no mood for stupid comments.
9 Someone tells you that you give yourself migraines because you don’t handle stress well. Oh my lord, baby Jesus. You have no clue what words are coming out of your mouth.
10 When you are on your last leg, and it takes every ounce of energy to make it to work, and someone asks what a migraine feels like. After you roll your eyes, you tell them to stub their toe over and over for the rest of the day or to keep drinking really cold drinks so that they keep getting brain freeze. Or wear a motorcycle helmet that is two sizes too small for the entire day. That’s a good start. Now go away.

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