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Losing things:
1 You need a checklist to keep your life together.
2 You lose your phone so much that it feels like a scavenger hunt every time you need it.
3 No wonder you are so good at finding things for the kids. You lose things all the time.
4 You put the important paper in the safest place possible. Now, if you can only remember where that is.
5 If only you could lose weight since you are good at losing everything else, you would be in great shape.
6 You run around the house in circles, looking for your sunglasses that are sitting on the top of your head.
7 You lose your eyeglasses and can’t find them because you need glasses to see them.
8 You park at the stadium and don’t pay too much attention to the section where you parked. Having some drinks at the game didn’t help matters. You walk around aimlessly after the game looking for your car. Looks like you will have to wait until everyone leaves.
9 You waited all day to watch TV and can’t find the damn remote. You are on your hands and knees looking under sofas, between cushions, on the floor. You find it in the fridge where you must have put it when you grabbed that beer.
10 Your kid was with you, and then all of a sudden, they are nowhere in sight. You have a full-blown panic attack, and then they jump out and say surprise. Why you little!!! Thank God you are okay. Wait till I get you home for scaring me like that.

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