KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

Laughing when we shouldn’t:
1 Someone not paying attention to their surroundings walks into something. Their sudden surprise is your entertainment.
2 Someone trips and catches you by surprise causing you to laugh before asking, “Are you alright?”
3 When grandparents say something that has a double meaning and they have no clue.
4 Watching a movie with your parents and an explicit sex scene comes on. It make you squirm so much that you die laughing to cover up the awkward silence.
5 A man wears a ridiculous toupee, and you are afraid it is going to crawl off of his head.
6 Someone bends over and splits their pants. How dreadfully unexpected!
7 You are at a sad event and someone is crying loud and ridiculously. For a short time, you forget how sad you are.
8 When someone gives a speech and uses the wrong word.
9 Looking through old pictures of yourself and finding it hard to believe that your mother ever loved you. Her taste in your clothing and hairstyles is horrendous to say the least.
10 Riding in an elevator in awkward silence and someone belches or passes gas. All composure is lost.

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