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First date nerves:

1 You try on every outfit in your closet. Before you know it, every piece of clothing you own is on the bed or the floor.
2 You talk so much that you even get tired of listening. Thankfully he is digging you and grabs your hand. It is sweaty. Now you have to apologize for that too.
3 You wonder if you will ever hear from him again. How long is he going to make you hang before he dials your number?
4 One person is running late leaving the other person waiting and wondering if they have been ghosted.
5 You have a drink to calm your nerves and another and another. Your nerves are gone but now you have to hope you behave and not do something you will regret the next day.
6 You want to get the first kiss over with so that you know if there are sparks or if it’s time for see ya later.
7 You are afraid to eat because you don’t want to eat so much that you look like a pig or too little because you will look like a starving model. The other thing is worrying about food getting caught in your tooth.
8 You want to present your best self with great conversation and laughs but sound super awkward instead. You are sure this guy is gonna lose your number and you get into an argument with yourself when the date is over.
9 You feel like you are going on a job interview and wish you could skip the interview and get hired for the girlfriend job.
10 Things went really well. Do you invite him in for tea? Who are you kidding? You can’t wait to rip his clothes off. You decide to wait until the second date. You had enough nervousness for one night. There’s always next time. Ciao for now.

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