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First time conversations when it’s hard to speak up because you are reserved:

1 When you want to ask the boss for more money. Your heart beats so fast that you may pass away before you spit it out. For God’s sake boss, smile instead of looking at me so seriously!
2 The topic of sex with your mate. You have to shut the light off so that you can say it in the dark.
3 The first time you have to train someone and you never did it before. All of a sudden, your words have trouble coming out. Yea, figure it out.
4 Speaking in front of a group. You sway back and forth so much that you may be mistaken for a monster. Everyone has a look of sympathy on their face.
5 Telling your dad that you are pregnant. Even though you are married and it’s perfectly normal, you feel like you did something wrong. Don’t yell at me.
6 Approaching someone who is mad at you. You may walk by them a few times until you gain the courage to start the conversation. Nope. Nope. Not ready.
7 Breaking up with a boyfriend you are dating in your teens. You hope he will do it first to save you the trouble. It’s just so awkward.
8 Telling someone no who tricked you into doing something. They asked what you were doing and now you are babysitting Saturday night. You thought the person was inviting you out. Um excuse me ….
9 When your coworkers want to split the restaurant bill. You are a starving college student who ordered a salad. Somehow you owe $50.You spend the whole meal in distress because the food and drinks are adding up and you can’t afford it.
10 Trying to get your point across to someone who always has an answer and is intimidating. It’s like being thrown back into the boxing ring when you are trying to get away.

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