KC Avalon‘s funny top 10 blog

Having a dirty mind:
1 You are constantly amused by seeing the double meanings in conversations.
2 Our parents act disgusted, but you spy a smirk on their face that they can’t hide. You know they burst out laughing when they get home.
3 You get so good that it becomes a talent, and you are never above laughing at yourself.
4 Life is never boring when you get a giggle out of something that you can’t believe someone said.
5 You have quite the imagination to go along with your dirty mind.
6 You can count on at least one laugh out loud outburst a day.
7 Your bad habit has rubbed off on your closet friends, and now they possess the skill.
8 Sometimes you think you can let your friend slide but then decide you can’t let it go.
9 You only need to look at your friends for them to know what’s on your mind.
10 You turn boring events into funny comedy skits.

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