KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog-

People who love to take pics:

1 They look beautiful in their pics and you look ridiculous.
2 They never ask if you are ready before snapping a pic.
3 They wait until you have a mouth full of food.
4 They get your worst angle and post the pic without your permission. You are appalled when you see yourself on facebook.
5 There is something in your tooth but you had no idea since you weren’t planning on a picture.
6 You try to avoid them like the plague. You have to hide all night so that you don’t find yourself on the internet the next day.
7 You can’t fully enjoy yourself because you are always looking over your shoulder to make sure the coast is clear.
8 The entire day is documented with a cell phone. It’s like inviting the paparazzi.
9 You wonder how they can have a good time when they are always taking pictures.
10 They only retake the picture if they don’t look good. If you don’t look good, you get ignored. Too bad. Live with it.

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