KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog-

Can’t fall asleep:

1 You concentrate really hard on sleep but nothing happens. You are still awake.
2 It is too quiet in the house and you hear every little noise.
3 You turn soft pop on to soothe you to sleep then find yourself singing along.
4 You are just about to enter la la land when a loud noise scares the hell out of you and you have to start the sleep process all over again.
5 Your grandfather clock keeps bonging every half hour, reminding you of the time and how you still aren’t sleeping.
6 Your kid comes in and asks you if you are sleeping. You were so close!! After your heart calms down, and you relax, you may just fall asleep again.
7 You flushed the toilet half asleep and it won’t stop running until you get back up and jiggle the handle. You are now wide awake.
8 Thunder cracks and you have no clue what the noise is. Once you figure it out, you have to wait out the storm before you can find any peace.
9 Your dog is nice an comfy and you are cramped into a tiny little space with your piggies hanging out of the covers. You don’t want to disturb the dog so you remain restless and cold.
10 You let your kid sleep with you and your husband and catch a flying fist to the nose in the middle of the night. It takes you a while to recover from the cheap shot you just took. You do your best to protect your vulnerable parts before trusting yourself to fall asleep.

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