KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

waking up before alarm clocks were invented
1 You had to buy a dog so they could wake you up in the morning to go outside.
2 You had to pay someone to throw pebbles at your window until they saw your face looking back at them.
3 You had to make sure there were no curtains on the windows so that the sun could shine in.
4 You had to live close to a church so that you could hear the church bells in the morning.
5 If you are a night owl, you had to make sure your married a morning person to make sure everyone arrived to work and school on time.
6 You had to be a farmer so that the roosters could wake you up.
7 You open the windows so that sounds of people going to work wake you up in the morning.
8 Let your bladder wake you up. When you go to the bathroom, it is time to wake up.
9 Have enough kids so that you always have someone to get you up. Until they are teens, they love waking you up out of a sound sleep.
10 Join the military. Your Sargeant will love the honor of waking you up and torturing you first thing in the morning.

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