KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

Signs that your day might not turn out great:
1 You forgot to set your alarm and now you are late!
2 You made yourself lunch, but it is still sitting on the kitchen counter.
3 You wake up with a banger of a headache and didn’t even drink.
4 You are walking on the sidewalk in the rain and a car drives through a puddle. You look like you were hit by a wave.
5 You are taking groceries in the house. As you grab a bag out of the trunk it breaks, spilling milk and eggs all over the driveway.
6 You wash your hair and can’t do a thing with it. It looks like a science project gone wrong.
7 You take off your glasses at the car wash and leave them on your seat so they don’t get wet You forget about them and plop down in the drivers seat when you get back in the car. Crunch.
8 The boss yells at you at work. Hey, I could have stayed him if I wanted to get yelled at. Bye.
9 You are almost out of gas and pay day isn’t until tomorrow. You dig up $2.00 in coins from your car to pay at the gas station. Hopefully it will last until tomorrow.
10 You keep losing things and at this rate, you will never get out of the house.

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