KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

When you say hello to people and they don’t say it back:

1 It’s cool. I like feeling like a jackass when you look at me but say nothing.
2 I say hello back to myself so that there is no uncomfortable silence.
3 I look around pretending someone else said it.
4 Say it louder. The person is obviously hard of hearing.
5 Wave frantically so they get the picture.
6 Say it in another language. Bonjour, hola, ciao. If you don’t know those, my give a damn is busted.
7 Dummy. The person had earbuds in and couldn’t hear you. You will have to take better notice. Those people get a smile with a polite wave. Or a cool what’s up nod.
8 Oh geez, they looked standoffish. I’m not a creeper. Not trying to hurt you. Just wanted to say hello.
9 They stare at you with a rude look instead. Whoa, killer. Easy. I take my hello back. You don’t deserve one. Next time I will slap you across the face.
10 Am I dead? I must be a ghost.

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