KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog-

Putting away xmas decorations:

1 Looking around, the house suddenly looks bare and a lot bigger.
2 There are xmas tree needles everywhere. It’s a wonder the tree has any needles left
3 You don’t feel like putting forth the effort of putting everything away so you keep coming up with excuses to keep the tree up a week longer.
4 You order your kids to take down the decorations and they disappear, never to be found again.
5 Maybe I can leave it up and turn it into a valentines tree, then st. patty’s and then an Easter tree.
6 You look at the tree wondering if there is any way you can put it away to make it easier to put up next year.
7 You ponder throwing it all away and buying everything new next year.
8 You ask Alexa to do it but she doesn’t have that ability. Too bad.
9 You curse yourself for putting up so many lights on the outside of the house.
10 You keep breaking xmas ornaments and have more of a mess to clean up.

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