KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog-

Where’s my stimulus check?

1 It feels like teams are getting picked, and I am going to be the last one.
2 I keep checking my bank account every hour on the hour, but nothing appears. Peek a boo, where the hell are you?
3 When I owe money, it is due immediately or I pay penalty and interest. Where’s my penalty and interest payment?
4 Let’s make it simple. Rub out any balance I owe this year and we will call it even.
5 Or you could forgive my college tuition for the semester. It will feel like xmas all over again. YASS!
6 Someone further along in the alphabet received theirs. What’s up with that? Are we playing favorites?
7 Are you testing my patience? Here’s a little secret. I have none.
8 Let me go on your website so that I can spin a wheel to double my winnings. Let’s make it interesting.
9 Since Donald wanted to give $2,000, I will take the additional $1,400 in casino chips. Especially since that amount sounded better to me.
10 I am not feeling very stimulated!

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