KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

Why you should stay away from each other when you are mad:

1 You are Italian and like to throw things. (1,2,3 duck!)
2 You have a habit of bringing up incidents from years ago instead of the argument at hand. (I still haven’t forgiven you for being late on our wedding day. Now this!)
3 When you get mad you get irrational. (You always put me down and probably don’t like me.)
4 You get mad and go for the jugular. You will say anything to make the person mad. (Go ahead and play your video games! I will do everything as usual.)
5 Your spouse purposely uses “whatever” to get you going. (Oh no you didn’t!)
6 You are so competitive that you refuse to lose an argument. (Nope it was absolutely your fault.)
7 You have temper tantrums when you get angry. (You left the toilet seat up and I went for a swim!) Slam the door for effect.
8 You play the blame game. (You woke up in a bad mood and were looking to pick a fight.)
9 You haven’t learned how to say sorry. (Sorry for what?)
10 You are in a bad mood and picking a fight. (Who folded these towels!? A two-year-old could fold them better)

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