KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog

When you run out of something:

1 You are in the middle of a recipe when you find out you are missing the key ingredient.
2 Your tires suddenly need air when it is raining or freezing cold out.
3 When you have no money, the house decides to break.
4 You were going to make a sandwich for work and have no bread.
5 You need your phone for directions but it is almost dead and you have no charger. Hopefully you get to your destination before the power runs out.
6 Your gas light comes on when you are on a major interstate. Looks like you will be getting off at the next exit. You are running on fumes.
7 Your kids are acting up and you are fresh out of patience. Heaven help them when you get your hands on them.
8 You are trying to write a note and your pens don’t want to write.
9 You don’t feel good and need medicine but are too sick to go get it.
10 You are stuck on the bowl without a roll of toilet paper!

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