KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog-

Questions kids ask about Santa:

1 Why doesn’t he just come through the front door? (His reindeer land on the roof so he slides down the chimney so that you don’t know he is there.)
2 How does Santa have time to watch every boy and girl to see if they are good or bad? (Teachers and parents email the elves who keep an updated list for Santa.)
3 How does Santa deliver presents all in one night? (There are all different time zones so that Santa has enough time to get everywhere. If he is running late, he sprinkles some magical dust to freeze time until he is done.)
4 How does Santa eat all of those cookies? (He eats some and then packs the rest away to take home to eat with Mrs. Claus.)
5 How does Santa fit down the chimney? (He sprinkles magic dust that shrinks him for thirty seconds so that he can jump down or up the chimney without getting hurt. The dust has magical jumping power too.)
6 How come dogs don’t bark when Santa comes? (He gives them a special bone so that they forget he is there.)
7 Why are there so many Santas? (They are all his helpers so that they can take all of the toy orders for xmas)
8 Why doesn’t Santa get the toys at the store? (The presents wouldn’t be as special if they came from the store.)
9 Why do Santa’s toys have price tags on them? (He wants you to know how much money he could have made if he didn’t give the gift to you.)
10 How does Santa stay up all night? (Wawa gives Santa as much free coffee as he wants.)

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