KC Avalon’s Funny Top Ten Blog-

Questions people ask without thinking:

1 Is this your dad? (No dumbass it’s her husband.)
2 When are you due? (Honey there is no baby in there.)
3 Such and such is a bad neighborhood. (Oh, you live there? I’m sure you live in the good part. Insert foot here.)
4 You have a little something on your face. (Oh, it’s a birthmark? Awkward.)
5 What do you look like with hair? (You just made it clear that you aren’t into the bald look.)
6 Why are you still single? (You could have just asked what is wrong with them.)
7 Do you want to get changed before we go? (Nice. You just let the person know that you aren’t going anywhere with them dressed like that.)
8 How did you get invited? (Gee thanks. Looks like someone didn’t want to see me.)
9 Do you have PMS? (No. But you are going to have a black eye.)
10 Why are you so thin? (Sounds like you are jealous and you pretty much told them to go eat a sandwich.)

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